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German Warmblood
Registered and Passported
Born April 03, 2002
Black with no white markings
17.1 hh
Breeder/owner: Black Lightning Horses Inc., ON


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Twilight as foal with her dam Toyah

Blessed with the black color of both her parents Twilight was destined from foal to become an outstanding beauty. Even then her gentle nature and laid-back attitude made her loved by everybody.

Right from the beginning Twilight was an exceptionally tall foal and measured already 15 hands at the age of only four months.

Over the years "little" Twilight grew into a very pretty and tall black beauty. Solid and strong joints support her nicely proportioned frame. Her affectionate nature makes her a pleasure to be with and she gets along very well with other horses.

Twilight was started carefully on the lunge line at the age of 4 1/2 years to give her enough time to grow up mentally and physically. After several months of consistent knowledgeable groundwork trained by Petra Buttner the mare was started under saddle. She walked, trotted and cantered right from the beginning in a round, supple frame and learned incredibly fast. This horse demonstrated even at an early age limitless potential and up side.


Twilight's great conformation


Twilight in the extended trot

Extended Trot: Incredible reach ...

Twilight in the extended trot

... and fantastic active hind quarters


Despite her size Twilight is very gracious and light on her feet and dances across the sand under the saddle. She has three truly outstanding gaits but you will simply fall in love with her long, floating trot with maximum suspension and unlimited impulsion. Her trot is so smooth and easily flowing that the rider hardly notices how big strided she is.

This mare has the sweetest and most willing personality you can imagine. Whatever is asked of her she most eagerly obliges. Her rideability is one of a kind because she is so easy going and exceptionally cooperative.


canter canter


Twilight started the show season 2008 with Training Level with an impressive score of 70.9% in her very first test. She also won the second class with an 67.5% and proved that she is absolutely reliable under stress. She turned the heads of many people at the show grounds and earned remarks like "This is a horse truly ridden in the classical way of Dressage" or "This mare makes it seem effortless". The judge's comments were "Very harmonious - a pleasure to watch" and "Lovely horse with great potential" without any criticism.

Her second show was the National Spring Show at Palgrave where this lovely mare showed First Level with two sixth places and 66%-scores. She stayed completely focused and in harmony with her rider despite of rain, puddles and strong winds. She also earned the victory in the suitability class with the judge commenting that she had rarely seen such an outstanding horse with a beautiful steady rhythm and excellent flow.

The show season 2009 began with a huge success. Showing for the first time in Second Level Twilight won her first two classes and scored second in the next two. Each time she earned marks over 60% despite bad weather conditions. She also showed with great success in Plagrave, ON and Blainville, QC where she won several times second place, narrowly missing first place by parts of a percentage.


collected trot

Perfect obedience at the show

collected trot

Starting the piaffe work


At home Twilight already schools Third Level and higher movements displaying an outstanding athletic talent for the lateral movements travers, shoulder-in and half pass with perfect balance and a beautiful elevation in the collected gaits. Extended trot and canter get emphasized by her uphill way of going and will be another of her strong points. Her counter-canter is very cadenced and well balanced. Flying lead changes come natural to her and soon she will start with tempi changes. She goes nicely in double bridle or regular snaffle.

Today this spectacular horse gets noticed wherever she goes. Her incredible impulsion paired with her enormous reach will make Twilight a beauty to watch in the Grand Prix ring. Partnered with the right rider her limitless dressage ability will put her on the list for the Olympic Games in 2012. Any professional or amateur will fall in love with this superb mare.


A rising star in the Dressage ring
Breathtaking impulsion and suspension
Sought after color, size and temperament

A horse without peer

Click for a video of her first appearance in Second Level




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Hydrilla Ferlino by Herbststurm
St.Pr.St. Hyade II by Schwarm
Toyah El.St. Marduc Halali Gabriel by Gigant
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